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Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY decorative tassels {tutorial}

I debuted Little Miss' nursery  in this post.
And then talked about the handmade name art over her crib in this post
What I left out was the decorative little tassels that I added on. So after a few emails from a couple of folks, I thought a neat little tassel tutorial might be just the thing. 

What awesome about these little tassels is that they could really be added to all kinds of things! And they're super quick and cheap!

 The only supplies you need is some embroidery thread! I used a shade of pink for the tassel and some gold for the trim. 

So first, grab the thread that you'd like to use as your main color. Gently slide off the wrapper, leaving the thread folded as is. 

Next, use your trim color to tie a little circle around the middle of your thread. Not tightly!

Fold your thread in half, with your trim circle at the top.

Next wrap more trim thread around the top to hold the folded thread. I like to make this nice and thick before knotting it off. 

Cut off your access from the knot, then cut all the loops at the bottom of the tassel.
Tassel complete!

Just the pizazz this little piece needed!

I love these little trinkets. They add a little smidge of fun to anything!

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