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Thursday, July 23, 2015

baby crafting

So its no surprise that I've been busy whipping up some fun projects for my soon-to-arrive baby girl. I seriously loved how her sweet dolls turned out and I thought I'd share a few other baby crafts that I've checked off my to-do list. 

So many of these are great if you're expecting yourself or if you're looking for some creative gift ideas!

burp cloths

Remember these baby burp cloths? They were all we used with Jake and so stinkin' handy for everything! So of course, Eliza needed to have a stash of her own in some sweet vintage prints. 

nursery door quieter

I happened upon this Pinterest tutorial a year or so ago and thought this idea was genius. It seems like all of the doors in our house are so loud and this was a simple solution! 
I was excited to have zero cost for this project too since it only took a teeny tiny scrap of fabric and some elastic that I already had on hand. Start to finish, this was done in 20 minutes to! Win/win!

ruffle bottom onesie

I first made this onesie over four years ago before my niece was born {so enjoy going waaaay back in the blog vault for the tutorial!}  It's such a cute idea that I wanted to whip up one for Eliza as well. Again, super low cost. I already had some white knit fabric scraps so my only purchase was a white onesie from Hobby Lobby {under $3 with coupon!}. For Eliza's, I decided to only do the ruffles on the back side though. Nice and simple.
I promise some sweet ruffled onesie pictures when she arrives!

baby lovie

I've made several of these for babies over the years, so Eliza's was a no brainer. After picking some fancy fabric and ribbon, I stitched this lovie up in around 30 minutes for about $7.

diy moby wrap 

Another Pinterest tutorial that I've been waiting for.
At the store, you'll pay $40-$50 for a moby wrap, but a diy version will only cost you $10-$15! This is an awesome project for people that don't sew too. All you have to do is buy the fabric and then trim the ends! Literally three minutes of your time! I can't wait to try Eliza out in this {once I figure out how to wrap it...}. 

hospital door sign

I just finished up this last project this week. I love a sweet hospital door sign, but I was seriously stumped about what I wanted to do for Eliza. It seemed sort of sad to have something hanging on my hospital door when I know my sweet gal will be in the NICU during her entire stay. And until our NICU tour last month, I really didn't know what those rooms looked like and if an door hanger was even an option. Guess what? It totally is. The Vanderbilt NICU is impressive, with glass walls all along the front of the rooms where you can hang personal things if you like. 
So I decided to go with a flat wooden hanger that I could attach to a hook on the interior side glass. I used a jigsaw to cut the super thin plywood, then hand painted it.
I think it turned out pretty well!

nursing cover

Again with a repeat project to save on cost! Nursing covers can easily run you $40-$50! That's crazy talk when supplies to sew one are under $10! I followed my tutorial from Jake's baby days to make this pretty grey and white patterned cover for Eliza. 

Can you tell that I've had tons of fun prepping for this little lady? Until I put this post together, I didn't even realize how many things I had whipped up! Now I'm sad to say that my baby project list is pretty much complete at this point. And right on time since she's scheduled to arrive in about three weeks.
{Though I'm sure I'll come across some fabulous ideas after she's born!}

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