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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#13}


Now that Jake out of school for summer, we have a lot of time to do some fun crafts around the house. He looooves to paint - something he must have gotten from my grandfather, who was an actual artist. 

My boy and his watercolors! I tried something new this time and found a neat blank puzzle for him to decorate. Hobby Lobby carried this for $5 (more like $3 with their coupon!)

The awesome thing about water colors is that you seriously can't mess them up!
Jake's little puzzle was all his own doing and look how beautiful it turned out...

{for an adult water color project, check this one out from a last week}

A few months ago, I snatched up this sidewalk chalk paint from the clearance section at Target. I've since seen it all over the place {including a full 8 color pack at Sam's Club}, but we didn't try it out until last week. 

And of course, my tiny Picasso loved this! He thought he was so cool with his own little paint cans and brushes out there.

I'd probably suggest hosing this off if you don't get some rain after a few days.

The downside to the chalk paint is that once you mix the powder with water, it only stays good for a week or two. So mix these up during a sunny week, then hose off the sidewalk when you toss the paint.

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