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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the app you need... {she reads truth review}

The app you need... How many times do we hear that? And how many apps do we download over the lifetime of our smart phones or tablets? Sure, there are nice apps for banking, photo editing, and scheduling. But Trivia Crack anyone? Candy Crush? Even something silly that compares how much kids look like their parents {for those wondering, Jake's about 70% mom and 30% dad according to this profound science}.

As a bit of minimalist, I make an effort to keep the apps on my devices somewhat limited. But see, even I'm caught up in the latest crazy from time to time.

So in light of all the fluff out there, let me take a minute today to tell you about an app you need, and really really mean it:

Y'all. I can't say enough how fabulous this app is. I say app because that's the main focus of the line, though they do have printed material that supplements all of their online and in-app materials. If I'm not mistaken, they're also working on expanding more into the printed word as well. But I'm focusing specifically on the app today because I have a particular fondness for things that are fabulous and convenient and super affordable or free. 

So tell you more? 

She Reads Truth creates the most lovely women's Bible studies. The app is free to download {yay!} and it starts by providing a full copy of Scripture right there in front of you, with multiple translations. Listed next are all the awesome study plans they have available. Many are free!

As of this exact moment, I've counted as many as 24 study plans available on the app.
Some are topical {the fruit of the spirit, giving thanks, etc}, some revolve around specific people in the Bible {Esther, Ruth, etc}, and some are studies of certain books of the Bible {Nehemiah, Titus, etc}. Several of the shorter studies are free, while even the longer ones are incredibly affordable. As in, less than $3/each. {Have you priced a copy of a great study in a bookstore?? $3 is amazing! And I'm happy to pay that to go towards them constantly updating their app!}

The daily plans themselves are three-fold:
1. Scripture. And not just one measly verse, but a listing of verses for you to study.
2. The study commentary itself. Beautiful, insightful thoughts from the incredible ladies that have partnered up with She Reads Truth. I am seriously finding new perspectives every single day from these writers. 
3. User comments. I don't always go through these, but its a nice bonus to have them there. It's great to see what other ladies are studying or what their thoughts are on the topic.

Some of the plans have bonuses as well. Right now I'm totally digging the Hymns plans, which uses old Christian hymns as a basis for the topic. For each day, there is a hymn and the writer of the study that day is a recording artist that records an acoustic version of the hymn itself. So as I delve into Be Thou My Vision, I can study the lyrics, how its rooted in Scripture, relate it to today, and also hear a new and beautiful version of the song. If you're crazy for the recording, you can even buy it on iTunes to have in your music library! 

It has a little bit of everything: tshirts, mugs, prints {my fav}. Probably the most useful is the additional study materials.  If you're really digging a study that's more long term than a week or so, they have additional study materials you can purchase to supplement the app study. It would be fabulous to incorporate into a group study as well, I'd think!

 - Bookmarks for your favorite verses or study days - Love this because there are some things that just stand out in bold to me. As if I need to wake up each more and read them over and over again. So now I can, easily!

 - A notes tab for you to jot any ideas down about a specific passage or study day.

 - Lock screens! Genius idea and these graphics are so so beautiful. She Reads Truth not only has an entire lock screen section for you to nab a gorgeous graphic to attach to your devices, but all of the plans also have their own tailored graphics that correlate to your study. It's awesome to have that Scripture right in front of you as a reminder or memorization tool.

Nope, nobody paid me to write a review or recommend She Reads Truth to you guys. I just found it to be something that I truly love and wanted to share. Go check it out! 

Or if you're already a She Reads Truth fan, tell me what your favorite study is!

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