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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

summer so far

This summer has taken on a little different role that some in the past. Expecting a baby in August, especially one that will require extra time and attention has both hurried us and slowed us down around here. 

In a certain sense, J.B. and I are eager to soak up every last day with Jake as our one and only. Obviously there are things we won't necessarily be able to do as a family once Eliza arrives. And spending a little extra time with him is a special thing for us in that we'll be away from him for a few weeks while she's in the NICU. 

Alternatively, we live in Alabama. 
And I'm 8 months pregnant. 
Helllooooo heat and exhaustion. 
This gal can't exactly go ninety to nothing like she used to. I'm definitely finding myself having to slow down and take it much easier in these last six weeks or so {something I'm not very good at...}.

So I tried to accommodate our summer fun list accordingly.  Maybe doing one or two things a week at most. I think we're doing pretty good so far! June is already over {WHAT?!} and we're about half way there. 

I love all the "big boy" things that have made the list this year. A movie?! Already! J.B. and I voted yes so there are plans to take Jake to the new Minion movie this month. And go karts?! How is he big enough?! Well he is and he loves them. So they're on the list. Let me tell you, it's a good thing I'm getting a new baby to snuggle soon because this kiddo is entirely too grown up for my liking sometimes. 

But man, are we having fun!

I'm excited to shoot off some fireworks this week and be able to spend some extra time with family that are in town to visit.

How is your summer so far? Are you crossing things off your fun to-do list?

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