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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

leather stamped keychain {tutorial}

 I've seen quite a few of these type of leather key chains circulating. Craft fairs and boutiques seem to have them all over the place. I have to admit, I alllmost bought one. But I held off, and boy am I glad I did. 

This thing was so easy to make! And hey, what an awesome, personalized gift idea too!

So jump right in and create a few of these beauties!

Supplies... somewhat minimal. A leather key chain kit and some metal stamping letters. 
I found these leather key chain kits at my local Hobby Lobby for $2.  Ignore the hideous design on the paper. These are untouched leather pieces waiting for your own design to be added. 

My kit came with what is pictured above: the leather piece, a key ring and a rivet set. Perfect.

To start, dampen your leather. It makes it much easier to work with!

Next, I cut my design into the style I wanted. You can totally leave the circle pattern as is! Or maybe create a new shape. For my banner style, I trimmed both sides down, then evened out the bottom, then cut a triangle into the base.

*Note: Hang on to those scraps! You'll used them as as practice leather in a minute!

Then I added my key ring and rivet piece. 
There's technically a tool you can purchase and use to smash the two rivet pieces together, but I just pressed tightly with my fingers. It's holding just fine!

Last, add your personalization! A small set of number/letter stamps will do the trick. I grabbed this set at Hobby Lobby for about $7 {used a 40% coupon FTW!}

The punches are actually a mirror image so keep that in mind as you set up to stamp. Make sure your leather is still dampened and grab a hammer. You should be able to lightly tap the top of each letter into the leather to make the perfect impression. I would definitely recommend using your scrap leather to practice a few letters first. Tap too lightly and you wouldn't make the impression. Tap too much and you'll impress the outline of the letter punch in addition to the letter itself. 

Another trick to make sure your word is centered: Begin with the middle letter and put that right in the center. Then you can go up and down with the additional letters and you won't end up off kilter.  i.e. I started with the "a" in "spare" first to make sure it was right in the middle.

And voila! A simple but super cute new key chain that can be personalized in any way!

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