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Friday, June 26, 2015

hanging canvas art {tutorial}

 I hope you all enjoyed Eliza's nursery tour last week. I'm so in love with the quiet, calming space and can't wait to meet our little lady. 

I've already been asked a few times about the nursery art over her crib.
 Did I make it/buy/where/how/etc?

Well... (you knew this was coming) I made it. 
But don't be too impressed, it was such an easy and inexpensive project!


 - art canvas (approximately the size of the art piece you'd like)
 - some jute rope
 - wooden trim
 - double sided foam tape

First, we took the canvas material off the wooden frame that it came on. I believe mine was a 24x36 for this project. I'd suggest just ballparking how large of a piece you'd like and finding one that is sized similarly.

It should just be attached with staples on the backside. After taking the canvas fabric off the wooden frame, some of the outer edges will be curled under, so just trim that off.

(Technically, you could buy just the canvas fabric in the store, but I found that it only came in huge, expensive rolls, so just nabbing a simple canvas frame that was the appropriate size was a way better solution.)

Once I had trimmed off the bent edges of the canvas, I had my correct proportions for the art piece. I grabbed an 8' thin, flat piece of wood out of the trim department at Lowe's. I had the wood department cut my trim piece in half so that I could get it home (and since I knew I'd be needing it into two pieces anyway). Once I was home and could measure the exact width of my canvas, we recut each half to make sure they were the same size as the top/bottom width of my canvas. 

I loaded the back side of the trim up with double sided tape. 
Also added a piece of jute to the ends of one trim piece. A simple knot on one end, some extra slack, and another knot on the opposite end would suffice as a hanger for the canvas. 

After the tape and jute were attached, I peeled off the foam tape backing and adhered the trim pieces to the top and bottom of the canvas. 
Badda-bing! Ready for action. 

Add any design you like! You can do this before or after you add the trim/jute.
I actually freehanded Eliza's name in pencil then went back with gold metallic paint to fill it in. You can see that it needed a little "umph" even at this point.

I think the tassels are just the pep it needed!

With my only purchases being the trim and the canvas, I created this nursery art for about $10-$15! Not a bad deal for some custom wall art!

To see the full tour of Eliza's nursery, go { h e r e }.

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