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Thursday, April 16, 2015

wood slice coasters {DIY tutorial}

A couple of weeks ago, my little brother got married. A full weekend of family and wedding festivities! Other than fitting my pregnant self into a bridesmaid's dress {no easy feat!},  my main focus during the weekend was helping my mom with the rehearsal dinner. We had a great evening of food and fellowship and of course, super cute decor. As part of the table centerpieces, I found these wood slices and used my wood burning tool to create a sweet design for Ashley and Daniel.
My thought was that after the dinner, I could take the slices home, seal them and then they'd could be kept and used as coasters! So today's post is about how to make these darling coasters! 

I found the slices for $1-$2 each at my local craft store. You could also get super thrifty and find the perfect branch. With the right saw and a steady hand, you could slice these yourself! 

Once you have your coasters, decide what sort of design you'd like to put on them. I love the wood burning idea {and talk more about it here} but you there are so many options to personalize these! 

{in the close up shot, you can see more of the texturing that wood burning typically leaves on the wood}

After you've added the design you like, you simply need to seal the coasters. You can used a brush on or spray wood sealant {also a matte finish or glossy finish}. I sealed both sides and the edges with several layers of sealant to hopefully keep the coasters in tip top condition, using this spray

In the end my brother and new sister in law got these great coasters from their rehearsal dinner to keep for always! 

I'm not going to lie, now I'm itching to make some for myself!

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