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Thursday, March 12, 2015

wooden storage boxes {tutorial}

When I first introduced Jake's new explorer room, I had this glimmer of an idea to create some under the bed storage. Then came pregnancy, the holidays, Jake's surgery, etc etc. It's been mass chaos, but I'm really excited that, only four or five months later, this has actually happened. 

Props go to my father-in-law, who gladly took on the job of building the boxes for me amidst the craziness. So I don't have a step by step of the building of these. I just gave him some general measurements for what would fit underneath our bed. No science to it...

I can tell you that he used 1" x 8" boards for the sides and some sturdy plywood for the bottom. J.B. added the rolling casters and drilled two holes in the front of the boxes so I could make a rope handle. After some stain, these bad boys were ready to go!

It's a fabulous way to store toys and stuffed animals out of sight. Plus even my tiny almost-three-year-old can pull a full box out from under the bed since they're on wheels. 

Finally a home for alllllll the MegaBloks, since we own every piece ever invented.

{Y'all know you're totally digging our tied down pool noodle as a bed rail. It's small, covered by the sheets, and totally works!}

I'm pretty stoked about how great these turned out. Now its just time to get all the toys out of the nursery so Miss Eliza can have a place to call her own!

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