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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#12}


Another happy {and holiday} edition of Toddler Art Tuesday!

Jake and I enjoyed some sweet Easter crafts recently. He loves the beautiful pastel colors and talking about Jesus. That sweet soul just makes everything so precious.

We started with a sun catcher cross. These are awesome toddler crafts because decorating the center of the design us perfect for little hands. Plus the amount of shapes and designs you can use is limitless. 

I started with a card stock cross, then used a razor blade to cut out the center area.

Prep the sun catcher by laying it down on the sticky side of the contact paper.  I usually also try to trim the extra sections of contact paper off to give them a more direct area to decorate. Plus, less sticky space makes it easier to work with, I think.

Cut up bits of colored tissue paper and let the little ones decorate to their hearts content.

Lastly, you'll lay another piece of contact paper {sticky side down} onto the tissue paper to seal it. Then just trim off all the excess around the shape.

Flip it over for a beautiful sun catcher.

It looks especially great in the light!

Of course, dyeing Easter eggs is a token craft this week. Jake and I tried a little something new with our eggs this year.
It's a simple trick. Just add a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the cup of dye. When you dip the egg, keep it moving constantly in the water. The oil will adhere to parts of it and create a marbled look.

My other trick? Used a whisk to hold the eggs instead of those insipid egg dippers! Great for tiny helping hands too.

Unfortunately, we seemed to have gotten a dud batch of dyes that never really dissolved in the water so most of our colors were a bit weak. But Jake had the best time dipping the eggs and picking the colors. I suppose that's what really matters!

Enjoy the beautiful Easter season! 
What a wonderful time to talk about a risen Savior!

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