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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jake's tree house

This winter, J.B. and I decided that we really wanted to revamp the yard a bit to make it more Jake-friendly. Translation: We wanted some sort of play area. Tree house, swing set, sandbox, whatever.  My younger brother Daniel just so happens to be super handy with designing and building things, so one quick word to him and we had a plan going. 

Jake was going to get an awesome tree house. 

Daniel spent some time drawing up the plans for a custom house, listing supplies, wood cuts and cost. By January he and J.B. were ready to roll. Of course, that's when it snowed. And rained. And was generally gross, as January and February's happen to be. 
But they trudged on working for a total of about four full days. 

The tree house (or fort, since it's technically surrounded by trees but not in one) starts with a 10x10 platform about 5 feet in the air. The building itself is about 7x7, leaving a little porch area in the front and a side porch for the slide and climbing wall. 

Jake even got to put in the final screw!

Once they finished all the manual labor, I got to bring the finishing touches with some shutters, a flower box, and interior decorations. Add ons include a telescope, a ships wheel, and a bucket on a pulley to raise and lower fun things

It was quite the staple piece for Jake's birthday party last weekend. And he has a ton of day-to-day fun on this thing. 

Next up, we plan to add a rock quarry underneath the tree house. It was such a hit at the party and now we already have a huge bulk of the supplies that we just slid right under the space until the weekend.

 Later on the docket might be some swings jutting out one side. For now, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't push my lucky with Daniel and J.B.. Gotta keep the free labor happy!

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