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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jake's third birthday party!

Our sweet boy had a party fit for a king this weekend!

Jake asked for a construction themed party, and we happily obliged with a backyard bash.

J.B. and my brother Daniel spent much of the winter building Jake an awesome tree house in the backyard {I'll devote a post specifically to that later this week} but it was an awesome place for the kids to play.

Other fun party activities included a super popular rock quarry...

A place to decorate your own construction hat...

A wrecking ball...

And a hammering station.

I had a ton of fun throwing together decorations, food, and fun! Construction is a fabulous theme with seemingly limitless possibilities. 

All in all, I was so incredibly happy with the outcome. Everything looked and tasted great, The kids played until their parents dragged them out of the yard and Jake has begged to have the party again every day since.

Only 365 days until we get to do it all again!!

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