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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

baby bump update

Finally! A long awaited baby bump update on Baby Wilder #2!

How far along: 16-18 weeks... See, already a weird start, ha ha. This should be a really easy, straight-forward question. But apparently that's not how my life works. I've been given two different due dates at this point so I'm sort of hanging in limbo between the two. My OB is planning to get all the growth and sizing numbers from my next ultrasound in a couple of weeks and make an official decision. But for now its somewhere between 8/11 and 8/21.

Gender: Just in case you can't tell from our announcement picture... It's a girl!! We had a gender scan last week and the tech felt 100% confident. 
To be honest, J.B. and I are still in a bit of shock. We knew we'd be happy with either and frankly had no preference, but now that its reality... A girl? We don't know what to do with a girl! But its already been so fun to shop and dream about hair bows and dollhouses.

Name:  Eliza Grace. We settled on this just before our gender scan. {read: I settled on it months ago and had to spend some time convincing J.B.} It's a take on mine and my grandmother's middle name, Elizabeth, but with a but spunkier kick. Classic but still a little unique. 

Weight gain: 3 lbs so far, which I'm pretty happy with. Looking at me, however, you'd never know it was only three pounds. I'm way bigger than I was at this point with Jake, but I'm seriously hoping that's just the whole second pregnancy thing. Fingers crossed that I'll level out a bit in the next few weeks.

Clothes: Because I'm so ridiculous short, I can still wear a lot of my normal tops, just with a decent bump underneath. So its nice that I haven't lost my whole wardrobe. But otherwise, it's all maternity clothes, all the time. 

Sleep: It's missing. I was prepared for this with #2 since I had insomnia my full pregnancy with Jake. So it doesn't seem as bad. A super mild sleep aid still knocks me out so I won't be complaining until that quits working.

Missing anything:  Sunshine. I'm over this dreary rain and sleet that has taken to the skies for the last few weeks. And adult beverages. Sigh.

Movement: Feeling some fun flutters here and there!

Cravings: Everything. Any commercial creates an immediate craving. Darn those marketers! But my craving go to this pregnancy is definitely candy. Sour Straws Bites to be exact. I'm starting to think that they are becoming one of my love languages.

Best moment lately: Finding out the sex!! Y'all know I'm basically the least patient person on the planet so I'd been dying to know. The day before my appointment, there was a massive ice storm in our area. I was so nervous that my OB's office would be closed! But thankfully, they decided to open to patients that could get to them. Of course, we were going no matter what! So we left an hour and a half before my appointment and trudged to the office at a measly 25 mph. We made it with time to spare! Jake went with us and was so excited for the ultrasound. He kept pointing at the monitor and yelling, "My baby is on TV!!" It's was the most darling thing. 

Worst moment lately: Realizing that I have 8 tubs of boy clothes in the garage that I will now have to sort through and sell {in order to fund all my new girl clothes buying habits}.

Looking forward to: Designing the nursery! {contain your shock!} I've had quite a few ideas but I'm not to the point of getting started yet. I still need to clean out and sell all the fabulous Eric Carle/Hungry Caterpillar pieces to Jake's nursery. Plus we have a fabulous three year old birthday party coming up, followed immediately by my brother's wedding. It looks like it'll probably be April before I jump into Eliza's nursery head first.

Just so excited about this little gal!

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