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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#11}


This mom has been crazy busy and its been a hot minute since we've had a Toddler Art Tuesday. Have no fear. The hiatus ends today with some silly Valentine's Day fun.

We're at the age with Jake where holidays are awesome. He counts down the days and picks out all sorts of fun decorations in the stores. He loves to make things to celebrate each special holiday and I happily oblige. Valentine's Day has been no exception and this year I think I'm seeing a theme...

These little plastic suncatchers are fantastic crafts once they can manage a little paint brush. Most craft stores carry tons of different designs for less than a buck and you can grab one of the cheap paint sets to last you through several suncatchers. 
Jake picked out some lovebug suncatchers to make for a couple of special people and had the best time painting them!

Party fail. I totally forgot to get a final shot before we presented our gifts to their recipients. But you get it: they were cute.

So we made another love bug this week (are you seeing his theme yet) by way of some funky felt balls and a clothes pin. 

UPDATE: The Elmer's glue was less than reliable with the felt so I ended up using my glue gun instead.

We started by adding the felt balls to the clothespin, then tacking on some fun googly eyes.

Jake had the best time making this sweet thing. It can be super handing holding up other artwork, or you can stick a magnet to the back to use on the fridge. 

As for Jake, he's obsessed. This gem has been dubbed "Lolly the Lovebug" and he has been inseparable from it for three days now. Who knew??

Click on the image below for more Toddler Art Tuesday ideas!

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