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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

inexpensive art display {tutorial}

Now that we officially have another little munchkin on the way, I'm starting to get Jake more settled into his big boy room.  The night we told him he was going to be a big brother, he thought for a moment, then told us that he was going to sleep in his big bed so the baby could have his crib. Cue the waterworks for this gal. 

And yet another feared milestone has been passed without so much as a speed bump. He's been happily sleeping in his big bed for a little while now and has yet to try to get out and wander around. Obviously this is awesome news but I can't help but wonder if I'll someday pay for how easy this kiddo is... 

Alas. Today I wanted to set up a special place in Jake's room for all his art. He brings home a lot of adorable stuff from his preschool and we also make fun things at home. The collection is getting massive. 

This little display cost me about $6 (can't beat that!) and I threw it together in a half hour. Check it out! 

I grabbed a large piece of Kraft board  from Hobby Lobby for $3 (kind of like poster board but with that rough texture on it). After measuring the back of Jake's door, I cut the Kraft board into four 2" x 24" strips. 

Next I hot glued three clips onto each strip. A box of these should run you less than $4. 

You're welcome to attach these to your space however you'd like. I decided I didn't want to put any holes in the door, and since these are so light, I used some scrapbook adhesive to stick them to the door.
Then you simply attach...

And adorn with artwork! This is an easy-to-change display and Jake gets to enjoy all of his special pieces!

 I love keep it in Jake's room so he can talk about all of these when he sees them. And its fun to let him change them out with me or hear him as if he can hang a new craft on his wall.
What a sweetie!


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