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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

currently {february}


I just finished The Girl on The Train. So good that I finished it in less than 24 hours!
A fabulous story about a woman that rides the train into the city every day and witnesses some startling things. Suspense, mystery, and a bit of a plot twist. 


Okay so I promise I don't spend all my time with this but seriously. It's a super addicting, quick game for iPhone/iPad/etc. If you like Boggle or Scrabble or any kind of letter/word game, this is definitely for you! The rules are a little tricky but basically you're spell words and claiming tiles while your opponent tries to do the same.

Snow tomorrow! In the south, snow days are usually a pretty fun thing to experience since they are few and far between. We've had a couple of meager snow days in the last couple of weeks...
But the forecast looks really strong for a good 4"-6" inches tomorrow so we're pretty pumped about making a decent snowman!

A fabulous third birthday party!! I can't believe this little guy is going to be three in a couple of weeks. Time slow down!

We're setting up for a construction themed party in the backyard this year and I'm crossing my fingers that the spring weather cooperates with us!


Jane. Who else is addicted???  I just adore the boutique items and fantastic deals! You really never know what you'll see! I've been slapping my hand back from several fabulous baby items until we find out the sex of Baby Wilder #2, but I've scored some awesome gifts and fun things for us. Each item ships directly from the shop that creates it, but Jane does a great job of keeping tabs on it along the way. I've had nothing but positive experiences!

Plus there's an app. How much easier does this glorious place get!?

Hope things are well for you this pretty February day!

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