H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

currently {february}


I just finished The Girl on The Train. So good that I finished it in less than 24 hours!
A fabulous story about a woman that rides the train into the city every day and witnesses some startling things. Suspense, mystery, and a bit of a plot twist. 


Okay so I promise I don't spend all my time with this but seriously. It's a super addicting, quick game for iPhone/iPad/etc. If you like Boggle or Scrabble or any kind of letter/word game, this is definitely for you! The rules are a little tricky but basically you're spell words and claiming tiles while your opponent tries to do the same.

Snow tomorrow! In the south, snow days are usually a pretty fun thing to experience since they are few and far between. We've had a couple of meager snow days in the last couple of weeks...
But the forecast looks really strong for a good 4"-6" inches tomorrow so we're pretty pumped about making a decent snowman!

A fabulous third birthday party!! I can't believe this little guy is going to be three in a couple of weeks. Time slow down!

We're setting up for a construction themed party in the backyard this year and I'm crossing my fingers that the spring weather cooperates with us!


Jane. Who else is addicted???  I just adore the boutique items and fantastic deals! You really never know what you'll see! I've been slapping my hand back from several fabulous baby items until we find out the sex of Baby Wilder #2, but I've scored some awesome gifts and fun things for us. Each item ships directly from the shop that creates it, but Jane does a great job of keeping tabs on it along the way. I've had nothing but positive experiences!

Plus there's an app. How much easier does this glorious place get!?

Hope things are well for you this pretty February day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

freezer breakfast burritos {recipe}

Time to share a staple in our home!
Are mornings chaotic at your house? Do you run out the door with a crummy breakfast? Or if you're me, usually nothing at all?

Well, these awesome burritos might be something to try! J.B. grabs one every day as he heads off to his morning commute and he gives them two thumbs way up!

I like to prepare a batch of these every couple of weeks. It usually takes me an hour or so from start to finish and preps breakfast for several weeks. Not a bad trade off! Plus when you break down the cost of how many burritos this makes, its an awesome deal.

: :  Ingredients  : :

 - 1lb of ground sausage
 - 9-10 eggs 
 - 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
 - 1 cup of salsa
 - 8" flour tortillas

*Makes 15-20 burritos depending on how full you fill them.

Start by browning your sausage...

And scrambling your eggs.

Mix together and add cheese and salsa. Then mix again.

Prep your tortillas by heating them 20-30 seconds in the microwave. This makes them a lot more malleable to fold. I also prep squares of aluminum foil to wrap around the tortillas. 

Place a thick line of the mixture more towards the left hand side.

Then wrap!

Once you have all your burritos wrapped, feel free to toss them in a gallon freezer bag and write the date on them. Not that it matters, since these will be gone in a week. But hey, its nice to pretend right?

When you're ready for breakfast, I'd recommend tossing the burrito in the microwave for about 2 minutes before you head out the door. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

jake's wild valentines

One of my favorite things about Jake going to school two days a week is all of the fun holiday celebrations! This week his class is celebrating Valentine's Day and exchanging all of their sweet little love notes.

Last year, we made these super cute goldfish valentines that were a huge hit!
Since I still try to avoid giving a ton of candy to a young age, I decided to go with animal crackers this year as a treat. What kiddo doesn't love animal crackers??

I started by making these little squares. Nothing complicated here. I just typed up my message on a little square and printed a bunch out on a single page of tan colored cardstock. 

Then I used some scrapbook adhesives to attach them to slightly larger squares cut from an animal print paper.

I ran a string through the top of the tag and used it to tie the goodie bags closed. 

 A super cute three year old valentine! Jake is so excited to take these to school today!

I hope your heart day is filled with lots of love and smiles!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#11}


This mom has been crazy busy and its been a hot minute since we've had a Toddler Art Tuesday. Have no fear. The hiatus ends today with some silly Valentine's Day fun.

We're at the age with Jake where holidays are awesome. He counts down the days and picks out all sorts of fun decorations in the stores. He loves to make things to celebrate each special holiday and I happily oblige. Valentine's Day has been no exception and this year I think I'm seeing a theme...

These little plastic suncatchers are fantastic crafts once they can manage a little paint brush. Most craft stores carry tons of different designs for less than a buck and you can grab one of the cheap paint sets to last you through several suncatchers. 
Jake picked out some lovebug suncatchers to make for a couple of special people and had the best time painting them!

Party fail. I totally forgot to get a final shot before we presented our gifts to their recipients. But you get it: they were cute.

So we made another love bug this week (are you seeing his theme yet) by way of some funky felt balls and a clothes pin. 

UPDATE: The Elmer's glue was less than reliable with the felt so I ended up using my glue gun instead.

We started by adding the felt balls to the clothespin, then tacking on some fun googly eyes.

Jake had the best time making this sweet thing. It can be super handing holding up other artwork, or you can stick a magnet to the back to use on the fridge. 

As for Jake, he's obsessed. This gem has been dubbed "Lolly the Lovebug" and he has been inseparable from it for three days now. Who knew??

Click on the image below for more Toddler Art Tuesday ideas!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

our favorite things: toddler edition

We're still in full on toddler/preschool mode here at the Wilder house for the time being. It's a super fun and adventurous time to have a crazy little minion at this age. Jake is curious and busy and constantly learning. His little imagination blows my mind. And his tornado tendancies make me crazy, haha. 
So today I thought I'd share some of our favorite things that make life easier with a 2 (almost 3!) year old.

Booster Seat - My little shortie isn't even close to being tall enough to sit at our high top breakfast table, so we've been utilizing a booster seat for awhile. I love our Deluxe Booster Seat from Toys R Us. It's inexpensive, travels really easily, and has detachable pieces that allow it to grow with your kiddo! We leave the tray off the seat and strap this bad boy onto a regular chair so Jake can sit at the table just like J.B. and I. 

LeapPad - We've had this fun toy for about a year now, and Jake absolutely loves it. What is it about kids and technology? He's 2! As opposed to an iPod Touch, the LeapPad 2 is virtually indestructible. There's nothing he can access that would be a hassle to reset and I can purchase whatever games I like for him. While a lot of the games sold in stores are actually cartridges that fit into the device, I prefer to buy his games online and have the whole thing downloaded directly to the device. No extra cartridges to keep up with! I have found all kind of cool learning games for him that he would play for hours if I let him. Maybe that's the con to this one - limiting screen time!

Place mat - Oh, you don't want your table to be covered in peanut butter, milk, crumbs and other ooey, gooey slime? A place mat friends! I absolutely adore this perfect little place mat I ordered from Sarah + Abraham. Jake loves to find his little cartoon self, and the back has a display of the entire alphabet so he can practice his letters. 

Bathtub Road and Cars - Any kind of bath toy is always a big hit at our house, but we hit it out of the park with this set of roads and vehicles. The soft foam pieces can float or stick to the side of the tub. Jake has a great time creating paths or just zooming around like the various pieces. And it all comes in a mesh hanging bath that dries itself! These are sold just about everywhere!

Mega Bloks - Everyone loves legos!! Mega Bloks' First Builders are great for younger kids because they are larger and easier to put together. We've got a table, a couple of race tracks and a slew of blocks. Jake loves to build and create!

Dwink Holder - Some tikes are great at holding juice boxes. Others, that seem to share my DNA and live in my house, are not so great. One foul move and everything I own is covered in milk or juice. Which is why we love our Dwink holder. The pouch fits inside the hard plastic of the Dwink holder and the kids have two large handles to carry around their drink. Why didn't I invent this??

Puzzle Rack - Jake is huge fan of puzzles. And if you don't keep them organized, a bunch of puzzles can equal a giant mess. Insert the puzzle rack. It keeps all of your fabulous puzzles organized and still accessible for your little one to grab. 

Are any of these must-haves for you as well?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

inexpensive art display {tutorial}

Now that we officially have another little munchkin on the way, I'm starting to get Jake more settled into his big boy room.  The night we told him he was going to be a big brother, he thought for a moment, then told us that he was going to sleep in his big bed so the baby could have his crib. Cue the waterworks for this gal. 

And yet another feared milestone has been passed without so much as a speed bump. He's been happily sleeping in his big bed for a little while now and has yet to try to get out and wander around. Obviously this is awesome news but I can't help but wonder if I'll someday pay for how easy this kiddo is... 

Alas. Today I wanted to set up a special place in Jake's room for all his art. He brings home a lot of adorable stuff from his preschool and we also make fun things at home. The collection is getting massive. 

This little display cost me about $6 (can't beat that!) and I threw it together in a half hour. Check it out! 

I grabbed a large piece of Kraft board  from Hobby Lobby for $3 (kind of like poster board but with that rough texture on it). After measuring the back of Jake's door, I cut the Kraft board into four 2" x 24" strips. 

Next I hot glued three clips onto each strip. A box of these should run you less than $4. 

You're welcome to attach these to your space however you'd like. I decided I didn't want to put any holes in the door, and since these are so light, I used some scrapbook adhesive to stick them to the door.
Then you simply attach...

And adorn with artwork! This is an easy-to-change display and Jake gets to enjoy all of his special pieces!

 I love keep it in Jake's room so he can talk about all of these when he sees them. And its fun to let him change them out with me or hear him as if he can hang a new craft on his wall.
What a sweetie!