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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the 'W' bathroom reveal

Whew! I'm a little behind with this. 
But goodness, things have been so busy! More on that later.

Our 'W' bathroom!
We've really been enjoying this clean little space. It's such a great beginning of the year project to paint a room white and give it a fresh look.
{check out the design board here}

Bathrooms can be a bit tricky to share because of their tight spaces. This one has a window, toilet and  standing shower on one side, with a vanity, mirror and an open space on the other.

I like the use of all the mixed textures in this room. Most of them are deep browns or blacks, but there is metal, wicker, wood and even ceramic here.

I kept my existing soap dispenser and added some other items on top of the sink.
Boxwood is from At Home (big retailer). Wire soap dish is from At Home (local decor boutique) and the 'W' was a quick grab at Hobby Lobby.

The black metal and glass shelf is an IKEA grab and super affordable.
I styled the shelves with:
 1. white towels 2.  a hand made 'W' art print and IKEA plant 3. some large hardback books 4. an IKEA basket holding a tissue paper stash.

 The W piece is an inexpensive black frame with a 5x7 matte. I placed some newspaper print paper in the frame with a black cut out 'W' on top. Super cheap!

And lastly, I added some more 'W' art to the little wall by the window. A nice brown frame that I had on hand got a 'W' in black watercolor. A brown metal 'W' from Michael's got a coat of black spray paint before I hung it. And after painting the frame of that little chalkboard, I added a scripted 'W' to complete the wall.

I really can't decide what I want to do about the window. It's pretty plain as is, but I can't make up my mind between creating a faux roman shade or having J.B. build some tiny custom shutters.
 Probably the latter when he can find the time.

So that's our clean little 'W' bath!

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