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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a new centerpiece!

We've been decking the halls around here in anticipation for Christmas!

One of my very favorite times of the season is our big family Christmas Eve dinner. So jazzing up the dining room table is always on my agenda. 

This year I had a new plan and asked J.B. to help me create a centerpiece.
Obviously, he happily obliged.

Pretty, huh?! I love it!

He built a basic box for me out of a 1 by 6 board. Nothing too fancy, just four sides nailed together and a base. This is built based on the dimensions of our table, so I'm sure each of our boxes would be a bit different. You'll really just want to make sure you cut two identical pieces for the width and two identical pieces for the length. Then add the bottom section to fit.

I stained mine with Minwax's Special Walnut
Then I filled the box with some fresh cedar garland and a few white tapers. Simple, elegant, and it even smells like Christmas!

Since this is more seasonal that just Christmas-y, I plan to leave it up as long as the garland lasts. And I'm kind of excited to see what other ways I can decorate it! Budding flowers in the spring, hydrangeas in the summer, pine cones in the fall. The possibilities seem pretty endless!

I hope your mistletoe is hung and your feasting table is ready! Only 16 more days until Christmas!

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