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Thursday, November 13, 2014

tassel keychain {tutorial}

While it's always the season for DIY anything, this time of year people get a little more hyped up. Any time you can create a unique surprise for someone else, it's all the more special. 
This tutorial is great for just you, but you can easily make ten more to give as gifts. 
All for under $10 total!

: :  Materials  : :

 - swatch of vinyl {at least 5" square}
 - super glue
 - scissors
 - key ring
 - bulldog style clip {mine was a chip clip}

A swatch of vinyl is an easy find in any fabric store. Most places have a cuttings bin that hold random yardage. Since vinyl isn't always as popular as the cotton fabrics, take this rummage through and see what you can come up with! I got a whole yard of this hunter green {enough for a bamillion key chains} for $4!

Cut yourself a 5" square  swatch. It doesn't have to be perfect so feel free to eye ball it.
Fold in half and use your clip to hold in place. 

Next you want to make the cuts in your vinyl. Try to keep the lines as straight as you can as you fringe from the bottom up. If its easier for you, fringe one side of the fabric and then the other. I left about an inch of uncut fabric from the top fold down. 

Remove the clip and lay your fabric ugly side up. Start rolling it as tight as you can.

 Once you get to the end, add a line of superglue along the edge. Use your clip again to hold the end in place as it dries.

 Almost done! As your glue is drying, cut one last small strip of vinyl. It needs to be about 5"-6" long and about as wide as your tassel stripes. I just cut right along the same edge as I used to cut out my original piece.

Once your glue is dry {just a couple of minutes} then fold your tassel in half over the keyring.

Put a dab of glue on one end, then wrap your trim piece around the top fold. Add a dab of glue to the other end as you complete the wrap. Feel free to use your clip again to hold it all in place as it dries.

And you're done! Now that you know what you're doing, you can easily knock out more in no time. 
I'll be turning on an episode of the Blacklist tonight to finish these for a few friends. 

Enjoy dears!

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