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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

paper feather place cards {tutorial}

My rule: No Christmas before Thanksgiving. 
I make some small exceptions, usually due to scheduling, but we're pretty tough about it. No Christmas decorating, music, etc, until after we've enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday.
And I'll be honest, y'all, its difficult. 

 Having said all that, the rule does really allow us to invest in Thanksgiving. We made a thankful tree this year and hung tags about what we're thankful for. Yes, Jake's tags were kind of hilarious at times {"oatmeal", "puddles", "the zoo" all made his list} but he really gets it. I love his sweet prayers every night as he's learning to thank God for all the wonderful things He's given us. 
We're also pretty excited about a day with family, yummy food and watching the Macy's parade. New float this year? Thomas the Train. Doesn't get any better than that for Jake. 

What about you guys? Are you prepping for a big Thanksgiving dinner? 
I think I got off pretty easy this year by hosting a brunch for my in-laws, then headed to my mom's house later for the main event.

But I did volunteer to whip up some place cards for the feast and I thought I'd share...

These were a great and simple design for the Thanksgiving holiday! 

Minimal supplies are also a big plus! I used brown craft paper {scrapbook paper style}, a little glue and string.

Start by creating you paper feathers. I used the same pattern from my feather garland to trace my feathers onto the craft paper. Then I made the little snippets into the feathers - no pattern needed there, just cut where ever you like!

Then I printed a page with all of our names on it. 
You're also welcome to hand write these! 
{the perfectionist in me would never allow that}

I cut these out in a banner fashion and then attached them to the feathers. A little stroke of glue stick helps keep the banners from flopping around and I added a sweet little string to make it pretty.

I love a pretty fall table! 
Soaking up this scene for a few more days!

A sweet little token to add to a great holiday! Can't wait to celebrate!

Friends, I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving day!

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