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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a little gift of thanks {free printables}

Do you like to change out your artwork with the holiday seasons?

Sometimes I feel like I get so accustomed to what's hanging on my walls, that I forget the importance of why I stuck it there. Maybe it's a family verse or a beautiful print that gets forgotten in the scurry of life. It seems like decorating as the seasons change is a great way to appreciate a little change here and there in our homes.

So in honor of Thanksgiving and my thankfulness for you lovely folks, I'm sharing a couple of free prints!

{click to download}

{click to download}

Feel free to download one or both by clicking each image and following the link to print.
Send one to a friend. Hang one up on the wall. Get creative!

Don't let Christmas get the best of you just yet.
Feel free to hang out with me and enjoy this absolutely beautiful season of gratitude.

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