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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

simple wood burning {tutorial}

If you know anything about me {and even my blog} you've probably realized that I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. Master of none, for sure. I don't like to do just one thing. I'm not an awesome seamstress. I'm not a painter, or a builder, or a decorator. But I do like to try my hand at any of the above when an occasion arises. And sometimes, it works. 
{sometimes it doesn't work} 

A few weeks back I had an itch to try something entirely new, but I had no idea what. So I did what any crazy craft lady would do: I spent some time wandering aimlessly around design stores. I like to see what people are buying, what new things I just have to have and how I can make those items into a less expensive project. Simple enough, right? 

Want to see what my crazy brain settled on this time?  

Yup. Wood burning. 
{told you my brain was crazy}

This is a super fun, relatively inexpensive, hobby to try. And the possibilities really are endless.

Thankfully my friend Traci doesn't usually mind being a guinea pig to my weird ideas. {Seriously, everyone needs a Traci.} So today, I'll show you a wooden serving tray that I worked on to give her as a wedding gift.


First, you need to have a wood burning tool. Most craft stores sell these, and they come with a small variety of tips to use.

Next you'll need to decide exactly what you plan to do. In this case, I purchased this wooden tray and created a simple pattern to place on it.

I tried a couple of ways to imprint the pattern into the tray.
The old lead press trick worked fine {check it out in this tutorial}, but I liked how much easier it was to see the pen marking versus the pencil. Food for thought I suppose.

And then I got to burning. The trick is patience and a steady hand. Just trace over the pattern on the wood.

Every item burns differently depending on the type of wood you're using. And in this case, wood that has been treated. So take your time and pay attention to how quickly the wood is burning under your tool. Play around with the various tools as well to find the one that will work best for your project.

All in all, a fun project that created a completely unique gift!
 What about you? Ever tried this? Are you're interested yet?

I've got a few more wood burning ideas up my sleeve. Can't wait to give them a go!

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