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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jake's explorer room {the details}

Well, did you guys like Jake's new space?
 {take the tour here}
We're pretty fond of it. 

We're also totally biased. So whatever.

But as promised, I'm back today with all sorts of sources and behind the scenes details. I've been stashing things for this room for about a year now so we ended up with a nice little collection of items.  For sources, I'll try to use several of the same pictures from the tour, add lots of links for you, and hopefully give credit to everything I see...

First up, the now infamous tent bed. Isn't it cool?? I sort of dreamed up this thing, and my magical husband was the brawn behind all my effort. We scavenged the interwebs for an actual plan that we could use and stumbled upon this plan from Ana White {gosh, isn't she just fabulous!}. We tweaked the design for the sides to create our own look.  After staining the bed, I bought a giant drop cloth from Lowe's for the tent siding. Each side was measured out and hemmed, then attached and rolled up. I used some D-rings and canvas belt material to hold the rolled sides up.

Black piping was used for the curtain rod. I love love love that industrial look. For our single window, I used three 18" straight pieces with two connectors, two elbows, two 2" pieces, and two pieces of flange to connect it to the wall. I spray painted the entire rod with a bronze paint to give it the right look.

Curtains are a beige linen from IKEA (find them here). They were originally way too long but since the price was right I didn't mind hemming them. I painted a stamped looking "ADVENTURE" along the side of one panel to give it a more unique look.

The table and chairs are this style from IKEA. I painted the entire set in a hunter green to add a little more color in with all the browns.

The chalkboard is a TJ Maxx clearance find ($15!) and I added a copy cat design on it based on a canvas by Lindsay Letters.

In the reading nook sits a jumble of Target and IKEA pillows, along with a fabulous tree trunk side table. I had this custom made for the room by a local woodworker.
{Local friends: let me know if you'd like the recommendation!}

And the gallery wall!
Lots of DIY here, but I had some great inspiration to go from.

 - The arrows are handmade {look for a tutorial soon!}.
 - The subway map is just framed scrapbook paper. A tried but true trick!
 - The large letters, hanging mirror and little star were all random finds that came out of my stash of fun decor stuff.
 - The bear is a, Etsy printed graphic, purchased here.
 - The mountains and national park maps are my own personal knock offs of this design and this design.
 - The clock is just simply a wood slice with clock tool attached.
 - The teepee is little canvas that I painted myself.
 - And the compass was a Target clearance find that I repainted.

The dresser is this style from IKEA, stained to match the bed. {We used Minwax's Special Walnut}
It originally came with some boring wood knobs, so we gladly swapped those out for the green spignot knobs from Hobby Lobby. Really happy with this sturdy dresser. The drawers roll easily and it was a great deal!

Rolling cart and laundry basket are are also courtesy of IKEA.

Plain black lamp is Target and the adventure art is from Hobby Lobby.

The bookshelf is another IKEA purchase, though it came in a not-quite-right pine shade initially. Once we decided on the darker brown, I painted this piece to match.

Bottom baskets are also IKEA and made to fit into this piece of furniture.

Galvinized letters are from Michael's. Wooden dinosaurs and airplane are Hobby Lobby. The antlers are also Hobby Lobby, though I purchased those as a bright gold color before painting.

Lastly, that fun collection case was a random Pottery Barn Kids clearance find awhile back.

The trunks and boxes around the other side of thebed were all yardsale type deals. I scored big on the large forrest green trunk. I'm still gloating that one...

Did I miss anything? I hope not!
But feel free to ask if any fun questions arise.

Thanks for such great reception on Jake's new little space!

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