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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

toddler art tuesday {#9}

It's that time again!

A few weeks back, my brother and his family visited from San Diego. Jake was so excited about getting to play with his cousin Olivia. She's three so they're about the same speed. Jake jabbered on excitedly for days about the upcoming visit and begged to get Olivia a present, specifically, jewelry. Seriously, where does he get this stuff?

So while we were in the craft store, I had the idea for Jake to make Olivia a bracelet. Fun, kid friendly, and personal!

I bought some regular colored beads and also some letter beads. Jake loved picking out all the colors and letters for the bracelets. It also was great practice with Jake for letter identification and spelling!

Jake had so much for that he ended up making several bracelets for family members!
Such a fun gift!

"Make way for King Jake!" 
That's basically all I've heard from Jake since the day we made this paper plate crown. He had a ton of fun creating it himself.

We started with a paper plate and decked it out with little scraps of tissue paper.

After it dried, I folded the plate in half and cut several incisions. 
Then I bent up the cut edges and added some cute pom-poms on top. 

King Jake was a huge fan!

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