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Thursday, September 11, 2014

our favorite toddler picture books

I love children's books. Love them. The silly stories, sweet rhymes and pretty pictures are all so endearing. I'm incredibly proud that my little one loves them too. You can bet that the laundry is forgotten and floors will stay unswept when that sweet boy crawls in my lap with story after story.

I think it's so important that we've read to him since he was born. Reading to babies, even before they can understand the words and pictures, leaves a lasting mark on them. 

We've added to our collection pretty heavily over the past two years. And whether it be a classic or a random library discovery, we definitely have a few favorites... 

 Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is gaining a lot of ground as a children's favorite. Jake loves all things dump trucks and bulldozers, so it's a pretty great read to find out how all the trucks at the site go to sleep. Plus, what mom doesn't love a good "wind my kid down for bed" book?

We discovered And the Train Goes by William Bee at our local library. Let's be honest, it had a train on it, so this momma grabbed it. Turns out, this sweet rhyming book has some of the most beautiful illustrations that I've ever seen! Definitely a popular choice around here for both Jake and I.

Jake can almost quote this book by heart. He loves the story of the "little baby Harold" as his draws his way through a creative and fun story in Harold and the Purple Crayon. It probably helps that Jake's favorite color is also purple.

No book list is complete without a silly Seuss, right? There's A Wocket In My Pocket is a tale of silly, made up monsters that live all over the house. Jake has loved Seuss' rhymes from a really early age {we had to hide Fox in Sox for fear of JB or I having an aneurism attempting to read it}. All the Seuss' are popular around here, but this is the current favorite.

Another fun library find! Old MacDonald Had a Dragon is the hilarious story of what might happen if a dragon was added to the farm. Spoiler alert: it doesn't go over well with the other animals. I love the the pun-filled humor by Ken Baker, along with the fantastic illustrations! And Jake loves that he gets to sing the Old MacDonald song with almost every turn of the page. 

Another classic! Jake has learned all of his letters so Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is especially fun to read now. He picks out each of the letters as they venture up the coconut tree. This book is a great one for alphabet recognition!

I will never forget the day Jake found this book at the library. He grabbed it and ran to me saying "J-A-K-E! That's my name!" I was so excited that he could recognize the letters and his name without an ounce of prompting. Turns out, Jake Stays Awake is actually a super cute book too! We haven't had an issues with this, but I would think that this book would be especially handy if you have an uninvited bed sharer. This story talks about how Jake has to sleep with his parents {all over the house} and, in the end, how great it is to sleep in our own rooms. If you like this one, there are also a few more JAKE books by Michael Wright.

Goodnight Ark is another great sleepy time book. It talks about the wild and crazy animals on Noah's Ark and how they eventually simmered down to sleep. This one is a quick read with beautiful illustrations. 

And lastly, our beloved Steam Train, Dream Train. From the same authors as Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, this is a beautiful book about a night time train run by silly toy animals. Each page talks about a different train car and what role it plays in the silly dream world. Any train lover is going to adore this one! A daily read in our house.

Those are our currently favorites. Always subject to change and always finding new stories! 
What are you favorite children's books? Any recommendations?

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