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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jake's explorer room {the tour}

A few weeks back, I shared our design board and talked about how we were dreaming up a new little boy's room for Jake. Armed with a meager budget and a few super fun ideas, J.B. and I have since been slowly worked on the new digs. Since we're in an entirely different room from the nursery, its been easy to shut the door for a few days and not think about it. Also since Jake is still sleeping in his crib, I'm not in much of a hurry to finish up and move him over.
In fact, I'm certain I'm still not finished with adding tidbits and rearranging things in here. But that's okay. I'm eager to show you how its going so far. 

My apologizes in advance, since this post will be picture heavy. I'll cut back on the commentary and instead swing back by later this week with a post about sources and how we put the space together.

So without further ado, feel free to take a step into Jake's new explorer room...

I think the tent bed is definitely the staple of the space. And I'm super proud to say that J.B. and I made it from scratch. I like it displays great as is, but all four tent sides do lower down, in case a little boy is so inclined.

 I also added some fun trunks and boxes at the end of the bed. The more places I have to stow toys, the less I trip over, right?

In the far corner of the room, we created a little reading nook for Jake. He loves to sit for hours and have you read him story after story, so why not have a cozy place just for that?

DIY industrial curtain rod, some hand painted linen "adventure" curtains, and a drawing table all go in front of the window. There's a huge elm tree right outside Jake's window (which is to blame for this ghastly low light, sorry!). But I think its sort of magical to look out over the giant tree and into the woods behind our house. 

I love how his little adventure gallery wall turned out. I saved some serious cash with DIY projects like the wooden arrows, the clock, and the prints.

Of course, we can't leave out his beloved train table. Normally the entire surface of the floor also boosts a pretty impressive set of tracks and every Thomas the Train character ever dreamed of. Luckily, I've spared you the clutter today. 

 Extra track gets tucked away under the table. Plus the rolling cart for his ridiculous train collection was a great addition. 

The dresser was stained to match the bed and we added these fun green water spigot handles.

And finally, the last wall has the ever important book shelf and toy storage. 


The lower shelves are lined with books and toy baskets for kid friendly access. The upper shelves are more for display, holding a few of our favorite things like alphabet cards and even Jake's rock collection. 

And there we have it. A little mini explorer room.
Thanks for checking it out with me!

I'm sure I'll still be adding/rearranging things little by little, especially as he moves out of the nursery and exclusively into this room. I'm already contemplating some rolling crates for under-the-bed storage. And perhaps something fun happening on the closet door. We'll see.

Most importantly, Jake is definitely enjoying playing in his new little space and even showing it off when friends come by. What a sweet little adventurer I have. 

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