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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my favorite summer salad {recipe}

Y'all. It's hot. August in Alabama typically equates the hottest, yuckiest month of the year. Just going outside means you're almost immediately enveloped in a blanket of humidity that makes you feel like you could suffocate at any moment. Not cool. 

But we're thankful for the sunshine. And for my brother's lovely pool {amen and amen!}. We're also thankful for cool treats to enjoy while the weather is roasting outside. 

Since eating a popsicle for every meal probably wouldn't pan out super well, I try to stay cool with a few dishes of my own. In this summer, this one is my absolute favorite!

There have got to be a few people nodding right now. They know me. They know I eat this all. the. time. for lunch. It's my jam. 

One of the reasons that I love it is because of how quick and simple it is to prepare. I have a crazy toddler running around demanding a sandwich or some goldfish every day at lunch, who has time for a luxurious lunch? This healthy lunch is ready in under two minutes.

: :  Ingredients : :

 - lettuce/spinach
 - cut strawberries
 - feta cheese
 - balsamic vinaigrette dressing

{optional: prepped chicken!}

I doubt you need major instructions to toss this together, so here's the quick play by play. 

I like to use a half romaine/half spinach mix for this salad, but your greens are entirely up to you...

Fresh strawberries are fantastic. We keep them stocked in our fridge because Jake loves them too.  Blueberries might also be a great addition if you have some.

Feta cheese. I'm normally heavy handed when it comes to cheese, but feta will go a longer way than most. I've also decided that all feta cheese is not created equal. I'd rather buy the name brand than the store brand in most cases. 

Lastly, the balsamic vinaigrette. I'll admit, I don't love this dressing on just anything, but with the right combination, its a great flavor! Also a lot healthier than the ranch dressing we're all addicted to in the South. 

I don't typically have any prepared, but this would also be great to add some chicken too! Another common addition is almonds {I pass on the nuts aside from ballpark peanuts}.
So there's my go-to summer salad. Quick, easy and healthy! 

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