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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

kid's kitchen set {tutorial}

I have two little girls' birthday parties this month. And let's be truthful, I'm not as refined in the art of little girls as I am with little boys. I wanted to give them something they would enjoy, but was also unique and handmade.

So here's what I whipped up...

These contain some wooden spoons, a small rolling pin, measuring cups and an apron.

I made the apron with some cute fabric based loosely on the girls' sizes {hoping to give them some room to grow!}. It's a simple patterned front and back, with fabric covered elastic bands around the top and back. Aprons are great projects for beginner sewers so don't get intimidated! Here's a few great sewing patterns to help you out:

The spoons and rolling pin are both smaller wooden items I found at local craft stores. I painted the ends to match the rest of the box. 

And speaking of the box - isn't pretty packaging such a neat addition sometimes? I grabbed an unfinished crate for each of these and added some washi tape to dress it up.

I love that this is something that can be made for almost any age.
Birthday girl Brynlee just turend one and foresee her banging the spoons on the floor and trying to stack the measuring cups while mom is cooking. Birthday gal Ava is turning four and is able to use the items for their original purposes {though I wouldn't put it past her to turn this apron into a superhero cape somehow}.

Keep in mind that kitchen items can be completely modified. Plus different fabrics and patterns can be used to make it unique to each kiddo. 

A unique and handmade gift? Check!
Hope these little girls enjoy them!

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