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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

chalkboard block city {tutorial}

I always have extra scrap wood laying around. Finally! Something to do with those little pieces! Add a bit of simple paint and Jake has an entire city to drive his cars through!

Want to make a city for your little minions? This is an easy one!
Start with some wood scraps. I had a spare 2x4 in the garage that we cut into a few pieces. There are no rules here, but I wanted to have a variety of sizes.

Then I gave them a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.

After your paint, make sure that you cure your blocks. That just means that you'll rub down the surface with chalk and then wipe it down. Then you're ready to draw!

Since I have a wild and crazy toddler, I decided to draw on my chalk blocks with a chalk marker for now. The bonus with using a marker is that it doesn't smudge to the touch {just with a damp rag}. Jake can move the blocks and play to his heart's content without losing the drawings.

I love the flexibility of this little city. Maybe your kiddo would love a space scene. Or a western town. Mix it up as much as you want by wiping the blocks clean and drawing any landscape you want!

The only rule here is to have fun.

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