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Thursday, August 14, 2014

back to school clothes

Jake is starting his first official year of nursery school. We tried out our church's Mom's Morning Out one day a week for a couple of months last year and it went really well. Now Jake is officially signed up for the two year old class, two mornings a week.

Confession: I'm a little nervous. I hope he does well. What am I saying? I know he will. He's such a fun kiddo and his teachers have always adored his smart little self. He's so stinkin' excited to play music and do craftss {duh!}. I just get a little sad packing him up to leave me, even if its just for a few hours. Sentimental mom, party of one.

Ugh, let's talk about something else. Like adorable back to school clothes... 

Yes, all from my very favorite: Gap Kids. 

You'll notice a few things about these outfits:
 1. I'm not a huge traditional tennis shoe fan. He's two and he hangs on a minor playground at most, not gym class. So as long as his shoes are sturdy and stay on his feet, I'd much rather have a nice shoe that some brightly colored Stride Rite mess.
2. Lots of blue jeans. Can't go wrong there. 
3. Lots of neutrals. This goes for shoes, shirts, and pants. It enables me to mix and match and use a lot of the same pieces in varying outfits, making smaller wardrobes much more useable.
4. It won't be even close to chilly for several months in the South, but when the time comes, I love me some layers.

So next week I've decided that I'll be focusing on his coveted first day of school outfit and not on my sad lonely hours without him. The art of distraction, my friends! 

Go ahead and enable me: What's works for your kiddos' back to school fashion?


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