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Thursday, July 3, 2014

toddler art tuesday, um, or thursday... {#8}

While my life has been a bit busy lately, it hasn't been so busy that I've forgotten the days of the week. {well, not at the moment anyway} Yes, its Thursday, but since we've got some holiday art to share today, I thought maybe you wouldn't mind. 


Jake has a funny relationship with fireworks. As long as they aren't too loud and too close, he's obsessed with them. He's been asking all week to watch videos of fireworks. But every occurrence we've had with real up close fireworks hasn't gone super well.  I'm hoping that the few we'll shoot off at my brother's house tomorrow will maybe be a little more successful this time. Fingers crossed.

For this fun project, grab a few bendy straws and tape them together. Bend the flexi part in different directions to make the legs of the fireworks. Then just add some paint along the bottom of the straws and let your kiddo stamp fireworks to his heart's content. 

Jake loved this!! I think we'll take one over to my brother as a hosting gift. He loves to stick Jake's artwork on the fridge. 

I have a little boy that loves snakes and bugs and, well, basically all things gross and slimy that I'd like to avoid. So this is my compromise, haha. 

Start with an empty toilet paper roll and let your minion finger paint it. 

After the roll is dry, cut a spiral around the roll. Depending on the thickness, this can be trickier than it seems. But don't worry about it being perfectly straight. You can always come back afterwards and trim it up. 

Cut a diamond-ish shaped head on one head and allow the other end to go to a point. 
Add googly eyes or draw on a face for extra fun.

See, now that's a cute little creature that I can appreciate! 

Hope you're having loads of fun with your little ones this summer! Check out more toddler art posts by clicking the picture below!


Happy 4th of July, friends!

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