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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the diaper strap {tutorial}

"But what do they actually need?"

Two of my best friends are both pregnant with their first babies {one is having twins!}. 
 To say that I'm super excited for them would be an understatement. And since I already have Jake, I'm on the other side of this adventure, so it's really nice to be able to offer some great girlfriend advice from my own experiences. 

I felt especially helpful a couple of weeks ago when they both told me they needed me to walk them through Babies R Us. Moms, haven't we all been there? Baby stores are scary places pre-baby. Remember back when walking down the bottle aisle made your head spin? Before you knew the Bobby and the Baby Breeza? Row after row of things that you must buy for baby or you're a terrible parent!

Yup. I remembered. So I gladly agreed and we made a fun girls day out of it. Walking down those aisles, they kept asking, "But do they really need this?" Most of the time, the answer is no. Babies don't truly need anywhere near all the junk that's out there now. But all of us moms have our own favorite items and tricks that we used on our own little ones to make life simpler and happier. 

The diaper strap is one of mine. 

Its a simple thing really. It holds a few diapers and a small wipe case tightly together. No rummaging through your bag for each of them. No carting that hefty diaper bag any more than you have to. And fellas, you're welcome. I know you'd rather just grab this than that hot pink monogrammed paisley baby bag anyway. 

Super simple to sew. I made three in an hour yesterday.

: :   Materials  : :

scrap of cute fabric {20"x8"}
scrap of muslin {20"x8"}
sewing maching
scrap of velcro {3"-4"}
button {optional}

Starting by cutting your fabric to size. I like to go with 20 inches by 8 inches. Your cute fabric and the interior muslin will lay on top of each other.
{Pretty fabric facing the very bottom}

We're going to press everything together before sewing. Makes things simple.

First, fold your fabric up {lengthwise} and press. 

Unfold and you should have a nice center line.

Now fold in a 1/2 inch on each side and press. 

Next, fold the top and the bottom jagged edge toward the inside crease. Then press.

And lastly, fold the fabric in half at the center crease. Then press.

Sew around all four sides to hold in place. 

Add your velco. Make sure to sew each piece on to opposite sides so the strap makes a loop.

I like to add a little button on top just for a cute accessory, but that's totally your call. 

Now Baby Sutton, Baby Isaiah, and the Mooneyham twins all have a diaper strap. 

Do the babies really need it? Probably not. 
But if it makes life easier for the first time mom and dad, I say go for it!

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