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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jake's explorer room {the design board}

I have loved Jake's sweet nursery for several years now.
It's playful and calm and such a neat place for a baby boy to grow and learn.  


But much to my dismay, he's growing out of it. We're getting close to time for a "big boy bed" and we can nix things like the changing table and even the big chair for snuggling. 
My baby isn't a baby. 

Rather than bawling my eyes out, I've been trying to channel my energy into something much more fun - creating an exciting little boy's room for Jake!

He's such an adventurous and curious little fellow so I knew quickly what type of room would be perfect for him. Without further ado, here's the design board...

I've been doing a lot of DIY projects {like the bed!} and adding in a few purchased things here and there. Sources to come on all the fun things we use.

Little by little this room is coming along and I've having so much fun designing this for my tiny adventurer. I hope to have to done before the summer comes to a close!

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