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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

currently {july}


Flyboy  - Elliott Park

A random Pandora discovered turned new favorite. Elliott Park has written some beautiful songs for other artists and his own album is just as lovely. It's relaxing and contemplative. Highly recommend.

I'm not. 
I know. Shame on me. But I'm always a sporadic reader. I'll breeze through three or four books, then not pick up another for several months. I recently finished The Testing series {another dystopia trilogy} and enjoyed it. I'm ready for a new book to dive into so I'm definitely looking forward to our next book club meeting {read: girl talk and wine club with a two minute dash of literature}.

Being a full time at home mom! I left my full time job last month and have been infinitely happy with the decision. I was way overwhelmed with home life and mom life and work like all going on simultaneously. A lot of folks have the idea that working from home is the dream, and I guess it is in a certain situation. But if you have an 8-5 full time job, its really hard to keep tabs on your home and raise a happy toddler all at the same moment.

We've been able to do so much more now that I'm not tied to a job during the day. Jake and I went with my mom to Michigan for a week to visit my Grama.

And we've had tons of time for other fun adventures. With my new found freedom and this active little fella's energy, this is definitely my favorite summer ever!

I'm working on a new room for Jake! 

I figure its time to grow out of the nursery and into a big boy room. He still sleeps great in his crib so I'm in no big rush to swap him into the twin bed. We're moving him to a different room all together so I'm just working on the new space little by little for now while he stays in his current space.

If you follow along on my Pinterest you've seen several of my ideas - all based around a room for a little adventurer! It's sort of camping/travel/safari/explorer ish. Lots of tans and browns with some forrest green. Lots of natural textures and a rustic feel. We've built him {in my opinion} a pretty fabulous and creative bed already. Large furniture is currently getting painted and primed. I'll be sure to share a design board soon!

To finish out our summer to do list in the next few weeks!

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