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Friday, June 20, 2014

the ever changing wall gets some pallet art...

We have this small hallway wall downstairs that I never know what to do with. There's not a ton of natural light in the narrow hallway and the wall space isn't huge, but its definitely large enough to need something more than just a frame or two.

I've try to toss up several things there. For awhile I hung a huge canvas covered cork board. Then I created the wooden display. Nothing really stuck though.

I mulled it over for quite some time before deciding to create some sort of pallet art in the hallway. 
{well, that and I had someone give me 40 something pallets}

A few months back, our pastor did a series on the home and used this quote in one of his sermons. I had heard it for years, but it really suck with me that day. I wanted to find a place for it in our own home to remind me of what a special place we have here.

{For the record, it originates from a song called Home Sweet Home by John Howard Payne.}

This piece measures 3 feet by 3 feet. And I love it!
It fits perfectly in this space without being too bold. 

To create it, I had J.B. take apart a few of our pallets. He sanded the boards down a little and we cut them down to a general size. As  you can see, none of them measure the exact same - that was planned.  To assemble, I decided on the shortcut method and had J.B. nail each of the boards directly into the wall. I felt like the whole piece would be more secure this way. Plus I wouldn't have it sticking out into the narrow hallway any more than absolutely necessary. 
Finally,  I painted on the quote. 

I think it's a great little addition to the space. 
Maybe I'll be keeping this one around for awhile. 

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