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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

our summer essentials

Oh my goodness! Summer! 

Since school gets out (and returns) so early in South, we've been in full on summer mode for almost a month now. And even though Jake isn't really in school yet, once the big kids are out of class all the real summer activities begin. I love how busy we are!

Playing at the park, story time at the library, trips to the museum, swimming in the pool - it's always something!
And here are a few of our summer essentials while we prance around from dawn til dust.

summer sundress - You always need a few good sundresses. They can often be cooler and more comfy that shorts and a top. Not to mention cuter!  /  reusable mason jar cup - I have several versions of these washable cups. Not only are they great to tote around town, but I love to fill one up with a cool drink while I sit on the porch and watch Jake play in the yard.  /  sandals - I basically transition from boots to sandals sometime in the spring. There's no turning back until the fall!  sunglasses - Y'all, its bright out...  hair ties - The summer heat and humidity are not a girl's best friend when it comes to hair. Just pull it up!  /  camera - Because I have to document every adorable moment my child has! #mommarrazi   /  polish - Gotta keep those toes looking good in your sandals. Loving this Essie color!  /  tote - The beach, the park, the museum - whatever the outing, a great tote is a summer must-have!

wagon - For a walk around the block, a trip to the Botanical Gardens, or just to load up toys and he-man them all over the yard, Jake loves his wagon!  /  sunscreen - Luckily my fair skinned munchkin has yet to get a sunburn, but we apply religiously.  /  popsicle mold - I love to pour orange juice into popsicle molds {and freeze} for a great afternoon snack. A definite favorite around here!  /  sidewalk chalk - "Momma! Draw a train!" A phrase uttered on a daily basis as we litter our driveway and porch with artwork.  /  face wipes - I love these! In fact, I keep a pack in Jake's bag year round. They have a super clean scent and are great for a quick face or hand wipe down.  /  swim float - Jake is a super awesome swimmer this year thanks to his little Puddle Jumper. He's completely solo with this bad boy on!  /  swimsuit - Grab a few if you have an outside kiddo. We use at least one a day around here.  /  water shoes - I grabbed a like-new pair of these Nike water shoes last year at a consignment sale and we loved them! This summer I gladly paid full price for a larger pair for Jake. Fantastic for playing in the water, or just great muddy outdoor shoes. They clean up with a quick rinse and dry in a few minutes.  /  sunglasses - Because when you're cool, the sun shines 24 hours a day.

Time to get back in the pool!
Keep cool, friends!

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