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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

dino photo holder {tutorial}

For holidays or birthdays, I really like to do at least one homemade gift. Preferably something fun from Jake nowadays. And while I mulled over the idea of a popsicle stick frame or some painted wooden whatever, I felt bored. I wanted a little gift that was surprising and fun.

Thus, the dinos were born.

I happen to find these things completely adorable.
They are fabulous gifts and so easy to make!

: : Materials : :

a dinosaur
utility knife
spray paint {optional}
 magnet set
super glue.

I grabbed these dinosaurs at the Target dollar spot. You can probably find something similar just about anywhere. And obviously, any animal will do.

{Ohhh, wouldn't an old school mascot be fun??}

Start by finding the center seam on the animal. The use your utility knife to split it back open. Please don't cut any fingers off. That would not add to the value of this gift...

After splitting them into two parts, I gave these dinos a little facelift with some spray paint. Lime green for fun. It did take 3-4 layers to fully adhere to the plastic, just fyi.

Then I attached the magnets on the inside of the dinosaur with super glue. I recommend applying a little bit onto the inside lip of the dinosaur and a little bit to the edge of the magnet. You'll have to secure each piece in place for a minute or two until the glue dries a little. Then just prop it up to dry fully.

In full disclosure, I did try using some other types of glue first. Fail. Just go with the super glue. It also dries clear, which is nice.

And enjoy!

Jake and I made a dinosaur for all the dads and grandads in our family this Father's Day and I think the guys really loved them. It's a gift that's sure to get a big smile! They all seemed really excited to take them home and find a fun place for them.

Who says you have to settle for a popsicle frame anyway?

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