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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a getaway

Last week we took a little family excursion down to the gulf coast. And boy was it lovely. 

We played in the waves,

made sand castles {for Nemo, according to Jake},

and played in the pool to our hearts' content. 

Jake had a blast doing... well, everything! He's as active and adventurous as he is easy going. It's wonderful to have a little fella' that makes traveling a fun experience

We slept late, ate like gluttons, shopped til we dropped, and had plenty of family adventures.
I loved leaving my work cell turned off. I think J.B. loved that he could take naps, haha. And there's no doubt that Jake really loved the slides at the water park.

{He has asked to go back every day since.}

And of course, we all loved our precious family time.

I'm so thankful we took a break from our crazy busy lives to unwind and let loose. We're a normal, hectic family and like every one else, some refreshing time away is always good for the soul.

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