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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

toddler art tuesday {#7}


Time again for another rendition of Toddler Art Tuesday!
Jake is getting so busy {and independent!}. He wants to go, go, go and do every last thing himself. Thankful, he's still in a stage where he follows my directions pretty well. It's so fun to watch him think and create!

We've got spring crazy lately with the weather warming up and the flowers blooming. 
 So its only just to add in some spring paint projects. 

So cute, right?!

For this one, you'll just need some red and green washable paint. 

We started with some random green hand prints for the leaves.

After the paint dried, we used the red to make some fingerprints in the leaves.

Once the red paint was dry, I went back with a pen and added some little lady bug heads, legs and dots. 

I love love love this! 

Jake is all about some utensils and loved playing with them for this fork flower piece. 

We dipped the backside of the fork in yellow paint and created a random dandelion pattern. 

We added the stems by running his fingers through the green paint to make leaves and blades of grass. 

Now that we are covered with spring artwork, its time to take this baby out to play in the mud! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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