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Thursday, May 1, 2014

rope coasters {tutorial}

It's been too long since I got into craft lady mode. 
My glue gun and I were started to get some seriously separation anxiety. 

Thank goodness I saw these adorable rope coasters in Pottery Barn last week...

But come on, $17 for four coasters? Love ya, but sorry PB. 
This momma doesn't have that kind of money. 

Especially ones that I can make myself. 

For supplies, I started with these plant coasters from Home Depot. I think they're made for tiny pots to sit on? Whatever, I stumbled upon them the same day and thought I was a genius {it's the little things}. They're cork on top and black plastic on the bottom for about $1 each. Perfect.


 Then I grabbed some small rope at Hobby Lobby. It was $10 for a huge spool, but a 40% off coupon {always on their website, use your smart phone!} brought it to $6. Plus this one spool could easily make around 20-25 coasters. Think gift sets... 

I started with a generously portioned circle of glue. Curl your rope in onto itself a few times and place in the center of the coaster. It's totally fine if you have a little open circle in the middle. My rope was too thick to curl any tighter. We'll come back to this...

Then continue to add glue and wrap. The hot glue dries quickly so if you're taking your time wrapping the rope, just apply the glue for one or two layers at a time.

When you get to the edge, check the sides. If it looks something like mine {below} you may want to add a layer along the edge to cover up that ugly cork line.

And when you're ready to trim off the end of the rope, I'd recommend cutting it at a sharp angle. The more taylored the end, the easier it'll be to blend into the edging.  You can also place a tiny dab of glue on the loose ends {and even rub in a little with your fingers} to keep those little pieces from fraying up.

Now we just need to fill that center spot. 

^original and then with one extra tuft added ^

I'll trim off a very small section of the rope {maybe an inch at most}, then twist it a little and bend it like a "U". If you place a dab of glue in the middle, you can stick that little tuft in there and it should blend right in the spiral pattern.  Depending on how large the opening is, you might need to add two little patches. 

Waa-laa! Depending on how course your rope was, you might want to trim off any scrangly  spots. And always check for those pesky little hot glue strings. 

I'm so loving my coasters!

And I'm also thinking gift sets! 
A group of these coasters would make for an awesome present!

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