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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mason jar teacher gifts

One of Jake's favorite things is to go to his Mom's Morning Out class at our church.
Each Thursday he brings home a positively adorable art project, can sing a new song, and is completely exhausted from all the fun with his little friends. 
His teachers are so kind and I love how much fun he has!

Since his last day of school is already here {we get out so early in the south!}, I decided to whip up some teacher gifts to show these two ladies how thankful we were for them this year.

Decorative mason jars with a gift card inside!

I adore how these came out! And they were super simple!

I grabbed my blue mason jars from Target. 
{They came in a 6 pack - just wait until you see what I did with the other four!}

Then I lined each of the jars with some folded tissue paper and tucked a Target gift card inside.

 I used these adorable mason jar tags from Twigg Studios to personalize a jar for each of his teachers. 

Then I used these adorable mason jar tags to personalize a jar for each of his teachers. 

We sure are thankful to have such sweet ladies that teach Jake. I think teachers are seriously under valued and I love planning a little creative something at the end of the year to show my thanks for all their hard work. 

I sure hope they loved them!

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