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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

favorite photo apps

Like most folks, I have a nice camera for the big moments in life. And while I love using it, most of my every day photos are actually taken with my iPhone. I always have it with me and honestly, there's no telling what Jake is up to at any given moment.
Lots of you guys follow me on Instagram {sarahwilder1} and you see the final product.  But what happens before those sweet photos get posted to social media.

Since I use my phone for so many photos, it seems only fair to have a ton of fun apps to edit photos with. Some for practical purposes and some just for fun.

So today I give you...


1. Afterlight - This is a no holds bar editing app. It's my complete go-to app for editing any iPhone picture. Well worth the $1 at the app store. Lighting, cropping, filtering, it has it all!

 2. Cropic - Ever wonder how those folks post pictures on Instagram that aren't actually square? Well Cropic is the answer. This app takes your regular size photo and quickly adds it to a white background. Post without cutting anything out. Plus, it's free!
{This app actually does a lot more, but that's my favorite function.}

Photo Ad Ons...

1. A Beautiful Mess - I've enjoyed playing on this app for quite some time. It's a great way to add doodles, text, extra filters, and whatnots. Super fun for $1!

2. Picstitch - I love this app for creating any type of collage of photos. It's easy to use, has a ridiculous amount  collage options, and you can even do slight editing within each photo.
Another free one!

Just Plain Fun...

1. Waterlogue - Y'all, this app is seriously addicting and super neat. It takes any photo and immediately turns it into a water color painting. Awesome right?? You have several filter options and the possibility of making some really neat prints out of it! All for $2.99.

I love to watch it "painting" as it creates the new image.

2. Cuptakes Frames - Do you like to customize you iPhone with custom backgrounds or photos? Cuptakes Frames might be for you. This fun app has hundreds of fun frame patters. Just add in your personal photo and save to have a fun new lock screen or home screen! $2.99
{And if you're looking for various fun patterns, quotes or even cute calendars that don't require the addition of a personal photo, check out the original Cuptakes for $1.99}


I'd be remiss if I didn't add a few apps that include some video options as well.

1. Crop & Zoom - Ever need to crop a video down from the original iPhone size down to a square? This app does just that. It will allow you to find the center of your video and crop the entire file.
$1.99 at the app store.

2. Flipagram - Love those adorable collaborative videos? Use Flipagram to stick a ton of fun pictures together into a video. Add text and music! I love this for quirky video about a day at the zoo or a fun holiday. And this app is another great free one!

Seriously, where would we be without technology?

Hopefully there are a few apps here that you enjoy too. Or maybe some new ones to try!
Have fun playing around with your pictures!

1 comment:

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