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Friday, April 4, 2014

two year stats

Obviously this post is a wee bit behind since Jake's birthday was two weeks ago. But sometimes the downside to having a little one's birthday just around spring break means that appointments can be tricky. The good news is that Jake is still right on par for his growth rate.

: :  Stats  : :

Weight:  27 lbs {50th percentile}
Height: 35 inches {63rd percentile}

Still a lean machine. We're in 18 month separates and 24 month outfits/pajamas.

: :  What Jake's up to  : :

Talking. This kid is a chatterbox! He repeats everything that you say. Everything, people. He speaks in full on sentences and is a complete conversationalist. I love it! Even our pediatrician was amazed at how much Jake had to say. 

Playing outside. Whether he's drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, or pulling his wagons around the yard, Jake loves to be outside! And now that spring is here, this momma is enjoying playing out there with him. I'm so glad to have a kiddo that isn't stuck to a screen all the time and loves to play outdoors!

Potty training. We started this pretty early and have generally taken it slow since Jake is so young. But he stays in underwear or Pull-Ups during the day and very rarely has an accident. He's still in diaper when he's sleeping.

Thomas the train. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I really thought that the Thomas phase would be over now. It's been eight months! But we love all things Thomas just as much now as we ever did. 
This past weekend, we even bought tickets to the touring Day Out with Thomas event. I'm pretty sure Jake had the best day ever. 

: :  Loves  : :

Trains. Books. Playgrounds. Bananas. Blocks. Bubble baths. Tickling. Mickey Mouse. Church. Milk.  Singing. Jumping on the bed. Balloons. All things purple.

: :  Hates  : :

Haircuts. Doctors. Meat. Being dirty.

: :  New Things  : :

 A toddler bed. We definitely aren't quite here yet, but I'm thinking of transition him into a big boy bed sometime in the next six months or so. Right now, he's still sleeping 12 hours at night and taking a long afternoon nap his crib. I suppose the old saying "if its not broke, don't fix it" rings true for the time being. I'm definitely a little nervous about him having the ability to jump out of bed at night.

First dentist appointment. I'm setting this up now and definitely not looking forward to it. Jake has never liked to have anyone poking around at his teeth or in his mouth. Fingers crossed that we all survive!

And finally I'll leave you with some pictures from Jake's actual birthday. We took him to the local Huntsville Train Depot for the first time. He loved it! There were so many trains to climb all over and neat things to see. It is a part of our local museum membership so I foresee us spending quite a lot of time here this summer. 

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