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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

toddler art tuesday {#6}

I'm so excited that spring is officially here! 
And we have our very first spring crafts!

For this craft, I had every single item already at my disposal - Bird seed, peanut butter, and some empty toilet paper rolls. 

Coat your rolls in peanut butter. 
{Or let your little one do it. No way I'm that brave with a two year old.}

And then let them roll it in bird seed. I put mine in a paper plate to help contain some of the mess.

We placed our bird feeders on a string and hung them from chairs on the porch. I wanted Jake to be able to watch the birds nibble on them from the back door. 

I love this little beauty!!

It does take a couple of minutes of prep if you'd like to tackle that before setting up your kiddo to help. You'll need some tissue paper {very little}, construction paper for the outline, and contact paper. 

I chose a butterfly because the outline would be easy to cut out. I simple folded my black paper in half and freehanded a butterfly wing along the fold. Make sure to cut the center out of it as well. I used some of my excess paper from the center to cut a little butterfly body as well. 

Unfold the butterfly and attach it to the contact paper - sticky side up...

Finally, cut or tear your tissue paper into small pieces and let your kiddo stick them into the wings.

To finish it out, place another layer of contact paper on top to seal it - stick side down. Press out all the creases. 

I used a couple small pieces of tape to attach it to the glass. Looks so great with the light shining through!

This is a great craft that you can customize in so many ways. Any shape, any colors, any season!

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