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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

our easter eggs

I love all the new things I can do with Jake now that he's getting older. And yesterday was our first time to dye Easter eggs! 

Jake had a great time coloring the eggs with his crayons. I didn't let him handle the dye {that's obvious right?} but he got to pick all of his own colors as I handled the egg in the tinted dye.

A little helpful hint is to skip the tiny plastic egg holder that comes with the dye kit. Use a whisk! It secures the egg much better.  Just remember to rinse it off between colors.

Since I had quite a few eggs ready to go {and my two year old has the attention span of a goldfish} I was left with a few eggs of my own to decorate. 

By lowering only a portion of the egg into the dye, I made some simple dipped eggs. Then I traced the dividing line with a gold paint pen.
Love these spring time colors!

What about you? Do you and your little ones dye eggs?
There's still tons of time for this fun activity!

And here are a few more of my favorite egg unconventional decorating ideas:

 Gold foil eggs {via}

water color eggs {via}

silhouette eggs {via}

washi tape eggs {via}

sticker stencil eggs{via}

paint pen eggs {via}

Have fun being creative with your Easter eggs!

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