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Friday, April 11, 2014

coffee table styling

What's on your coffee table?

It seems like such a simple question. And I'm sure the answers range from Spiderman action figures to remote controls to plants and fancy books.
When Jake is playing in the living room, our coffee table invariable looks something like this...

{Thomas the train. Always Thomas the train.}

When its picked up, our coffee table looks something like this...

And I'll be honest with you, I'm over it. Other than the faux fireplace installation, our living room really hasn't changed much in the three years we've lived here. And while I love our little space, I'm also ready for a little freshening up. 

At our house, you walk directly into the living room from the front entrance. It's also the hub of our home often times. So I figure the coffee table is a great place to do a little sprucing without spending much money.

Here's a bit of the inspiration I found:







So many of these are absolutely beautiful! I'd love to have each of them in my home. But lets be honest about two important things:

 1. I actually live here. That means I need to be able to clear the space quickly, prop my feet up, eat a meal, or find a television remote quickly. While a huge vase of lilies would look amazing, I'd probably have a hard time watching Criminal Minds through them... 
2. I have a two year old. Jake is actually amazingly good with all my decorative things. He seems to know what's his and what isn't. But I'm not sure I'll be pushing the envelope any time soon with items that are in such close proximity to his play area.

While it would have to be limited in size {because hello! the beloved television, people!} I do like the idea of a small plant. Maybe some books. And I need to figure out the whole remote control situation. They are so unattractive, but necessary!

So I'm off today to the plant shop and hopefully to find some new nick knacks to garnish my beloved living room. 

Happy Friday friends!

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