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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

toddler art tuesday {#5}

I've been admittedly AWOL from the blog for the past week or two. Things were nuts, y'all! Suffice it to say that everyone in my little family is now relatively healthy, we've got a splendid almost two year old ready for his big party, and after tons of hard work there are also some pretty new rooms in my house that I'm planning to share soon. I have high hopes for March!

But in the meantime, Jake and I have still been keeping up our craft tradition. So here's some more fun for your little ones.


This little project is something that any kiddo will love. And its an easy one for parents too. I bought this wooden birdhouse at the craft store and it came with its own little paint and brush. 
 Jake had so much fun painting this for his Gramma!

He was so proud of his birdhouse! 

One of the other things we do around here pretty often is handmade birthday cards. I figured that our friends and family would  much rather get a "Jake original" that some cheesy thing that Hallmark wrote. So for birthdays, we let Jake sit down and create a card. 

My grandmother's birthday is coming up this weekend and I included this little sweet card from Jake in her birthday package. 

I designed a very simple card on my computer and sized it to fit into a 5x7 envelope. A few tiny scraps of construction paper were cut into squares and I grabbed my Elmer's to attach.

This was pretty serious business to Jake. I put a dab of glue on each square and he worked so hard to get them in just the right place {and mostly in the lines!}.

I think she'll love it! 

For more toddler art ideas, click the photo below to see our other fun crafts!


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