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Thursday, March 6, 2014

currently {march}


The John Green novel is for my book club this month. I've heard so much about this book and I can't wait to get into it! The Wally Lamb novel was strongly suggested to me from a friend. It sounds like a really interesting story - a set of twins, one with schizophrenia and one without.

I've mainly been listening to these two lately {a bit of a variety, eh?}. Rend Collective reminds me of a Christian version of Mumford and Sons. And Imagine Dragons are just fun!

This precious kiddo's second birthday party extravaganza! 

I'm equal parts excited and in complete denial. How is it already time for another birthday?! But umm, yay, because I love this party planning biz! 
Vintage train party for us this year {try to contain your shock}. And I'm having so much fun prepping games and decorations and other general birthday shenanigans. T-minus two weeks until his birthday!

This blog I hope! I've been reworking several of the pages and I think its looking a lot simpler. My favorite right now is Jake's page. You can check out everything from my pregnant "baby bumps" updates to the Toddler Art Tuesday posts all in one organized place!

Look for this logo on the right sidebar and then click on whatever you'd like to read:


Online yard sales. 

Has this been a thing for everyone? I've recently gotten into it! It's especially awesome right now as we're remodeling some rooms. I can quickly sell what I don't need on the local Facebook groups {and even clean out a few closets} and people will come haul it off. Way simpler than having an actual yard sale. 
Also, I can grab some awesome deals for myself this way!

Have you guys found an awesome local deal lately??

So many things!
 - The fact that I planted my first spring flowers yesterday.
 - My new built-ins that my handsome hubby made for me.
 - Season two of House of Cards {am I right?! so good!}.
 - Watercolors. So in right now!
 - The goodies from my trip to the downtown Homewood, Alabama shops last weekend.
 - Grabbing items for Jake's Easter basket.
 - Creative Market. I'm obsessed.
 - My ideas for some new pallet projects.
 - Boxwoods. Everything boxwoods.

Spring!! It's happening soon! We've had just a few lovely days of sunshine and are itching to get outside more often. Jake is crazy about playing in the yard and at the park. I can't wait to be able to get outside every day!

How is your March shaping up?!

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  1. Love your blog! Cannot believe Jake is almost two!! I found you through pinterest and have been following ever since. Where does time go??? LOL