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Thursday, February 20, 2014

tissue tassel garland {tutorial}

I've always loved the look of these tassel garlands. Simple but fun. So as I'm helping a friend with some birthday decorations, I knew I wanted to try my hand at one. 

The awesome part? It takes so few supplies! A single sheet of tissue paper makes four tassels (right!?). 

: : Materials : :

- tissue paper
- hot glue/gun
- string or twine for garland

So to get started, unfold your paper. And remember, be gentle. This paper will rip if you aren't nice to it... 

Fold down once lengthwise.

Then fold across. 

And fold across again.

Now grab your scissors and cut the fraying slits up the bottom. Just make sure you leave at least two inches uncut at the top. 

Once you've got that done, unfold your paper once. And cut it in half. 

When you take each of those sides and unfold them once more, you'll be nearly there. One side will be ready, with two separate sheets. The other will need one last cut down the middle. In the end, you should have four long sheets, frayed at both ends.

Now it's time for the rolling. Grab one cutting and lay it lengthwise in front of you. 
Roll it up.

Then twist that center part (tightly but gently).

You'll want to bend the twisted area in half, doubling the tassels over onto other another and making a little loop at the top. 

Grab some hot glue to hold it. And boom! A sweet little tassel! 

Once you get the flow of this you can knock out a ton of tassels in no time. Then just string them up on your line and enjoy!

I love seeing them in birthday decor, but as cute as these are, my window might even like a simple white set someday, no? 

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